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[For Activity 2]

Three conversations model (from ‚Difficult conversations. How to discuss what matters most’ by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton & Sheila Heen of the Harvard Negotiation Project).

Guiding questions:

  • are the authors (/are you) convinced they are right about what is happening and what should be happening?
  • what do they/you assume about the other party’s intentions? can they/you be wrong in these assumptions? what are some other options?
  • do they/you place blame on someone for something?
  • are any feelings addressed? whose? how?
  • are any (not openly acknowledged) feelings seeping through? what? where?
  • what are your feelings about the problem?
  • what should be changed in the form of communication so that it becomes an element of a Learning Conversation about the problem? Or, perhaps it shouldn’t?